MBLL Bargaining Proposals


Re: Bargaining Proposals


Your bargaining committee is accepting proposals for the upcoming set of negotiations. Submissions must be made in writing and can be emailed to unifor144@mymts.net or you can give your written proposal to your bargaining committee representative.

If you wish to make a change to existing language in the CBA, refer to the Article(s) and the change(s) you would like.

Items listed are just an outline, please add others you find important.

Hours of work
Vacation with pay
General Holidays
Terminology changes (refer to the Article)
Length of Agreement
Health & Safety
Other conditions of employment not mentioned


The Notice to Bargain has been sent to the employer and they have responded in kind. We are in the process of setting dates and location to bargain. Once we have the dates set, we will communicate that to the membership.



In Solidarity,

Darren Gibson – President

Unifor Local 144

T: 204-487-2210

M: 204-509-1415

E: @email